lunes, 2 de junio de 2008

Pro Tools Accelerated HD

¿Recuerdas los videos Pro Tools Accelerated de digidesign?

Ahora los puedes tener en alta definición. Digidesign tiene disponible Pro Tools Accelerated HD:

"Esta edición especial en alta definición de nuestra serie Pro Tools Accelerated, incluye mas de 40 videos informativos, en formatos para QuickTime y Windows Media Player, para ayudarte en tu viaje creativo... "

Los videos están en inglés, y algunos de los temas son:

Using Pro Tools (23 videos)
  • Get acquainted with key features
  • Create a basic session
  • Add instruments
  • Create loops
  • Get the most out of Elastic Time
  • Quantize audio
  • Remix Pro Tools sessions
  • Create vocal stutters
  • Develop background vocals
  • Work with REX files
  • Tune up vocal tracks
  • And more!

Working with Bundled Apps (4 videos)
  • Record Reason Adapted tracks into Pro Tools
  • Record Live Digidesign Edition tracks into Pro Tools
  • And more!

Digidesign Instruments and Plug-ins (14 videos)
  • Get started with Structure™, the professional sampler workstation
  • Layer sounds and map samples in Structure
  • Create realistic drum performances with Strike™
  • Get dynamic electric piano sounds with Velvet™
  • Program basic synth patches in Hybrid™
  • Create parts using the Hybrid step sequencer
  • Tighten up audio loops with Synchronic™
  • Create DJ scratch effects with Synchronic
  • And more!

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